CVs & Cover Letters (english)

CVs & Coverletter (English)


An invitation to a job interview requires a good CV and a good coverletter. This workshop is designed to help you understand how a CV and a coverletter should look. Split into two parts, each portion will focus on one of the two documents (the CV and the coverletter), and go over what points you should have in there, good phrases or structures to use, and what you should pay attention to when constructing and writing these documents. A short comparison of the differences between German and English standards rounds out the workshop.

Target Group

Students writing CV’s and/or coverletters in English.

Competency Goals

Students will

  • understand the structure and traits of both CV’s and coverletters
  • develop a repertoire of phrases to use in their applications
  • learn how to spot and avoid mistakes and missteps when writing their applications


Sascha Bay