What is writing consultation?

Writing consultation is a free format for all students, doctoral candidates and other members of TU Darmstadt. Certified writing tutors provide support on all questions about writing and they aim to help you find lasting and individual solutions. A consultation usually takes 45 minutes. We offer consultations in German, English, Chinese and several other languages.

Where writing consultation can help:

  • Support in the conception and writing of all scientific texts (BA and MA thesis, seminar paper, essay, protocol, doctoral thesis, etc.)
  • Advice on applications for jobs, scholarships, internships, etc. (cover letter, letter of motivation, CV)
  • Feedback on sections or paragraphs of texts
  • Help with writing in a foreign language (German, English, Chinese and several other languages)
  • Possible topics for a writing consultation include:
    • Identification and delimitation of topics
    • Developing a question
    • Reading strategies and dealing with literature
    • Getting started with writing
    • Structuring scientific texts
    • Time management and self-management
    • Revision strategies
    • Overcoming writing obstacles and other writing difficulties

How to get a writing consultation

You can either come to our open consultation hours without an appointment, or you can book an appointment for a specific day. Doctoral candidates should please contact us by mail.

Please find information on our schedule and the webform for fixed appointments here.

Make sure you have also checked our FAQ-list for further information.