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This module is going to introduce the English Cover Letter (American- and UK-style letter) as a document of application. You will receive assistance for writing Cover Letters (Abbreviation: “CL”) by learning more about the major facts that you will have to consider in order to produce a text that will maximize your chances for successful job applications.

The first section will give you an overview and basic information on CLs. You will learn more on how the CL is put together, along with the layout and the formalities that you must observe.

Furthermore, you will receive information on different types of CLs, you will figure out what type of argumentation, reasoning or motivational elements your CL should contain, and what you have to consider concerning the style and language of this professional document. Various examples and exercises will help you learn these skills.

Author: Dr. Donna Drucker

Issued in: September 2015

Revised by: Ute Henning

Last Revised: September 2018


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