Was ist Schreibberatung

What is Writing Counselling?

Writing advice? What is that?

Writing advice is an attractive offer for students from all faculties and disciplines. Students can meet specially trained student writing advisors / tutors on an individual basis and they can help in finding answers to questions/queries on scientific and academic writing.

What we can offer with regards to write advice:

  • Advice on writing term papers, research papers, thesis (Diploma, Bachelor, Master…), applications, motivation letter and more.
  • Individual consultations with tutors to work out solutions to your questions
  • Advice on issues in the following areas:
    • Finding topics
    • Obtaining Literature
    • Reading strategies and dealing with literature
    • Structuring the written text
    • Writing the first draft
    • Revision strategies
    • Time management and efficient writing strategies
    • Language and style
    • Citation and incorporation of secondary literature sources
    • Feedback to excerpts from your texts
    • References for further information (books, websites, workshops)
    • Help with writing in a foreign language

What writing advice does NOT include:

  • Corrections of work are not possible!
  • We do not provide content based writing advice.
  • We do not read complete texts.