Forschungsprojekte am SchreibCenter

Research at the Writing Centre

At the Writing Centre of the TU Darmstadt, varied research can be established and carried out. These can include evaluations of discussions based on the log sheets in order to improve the tutoring and could be based on specific target groups. The staff of the Writing Centre also participates in cooperative research projects by evaluating the events they have held and then writing didactic theory to improve future events and develop new concepts.In the Writing Centre; seminars, bachelor and master theses can also be conducted which can focus on the different work areas. Since the Writing Centre is able to provide multiple objects for study, namely the Clients, the Advisors, the Writing Fellows and other partners.Currently a Doctoral study is also being conducted on the context of the Writing Centre, which deals with the requirements of writing at the TU Darmstadt. For more information on these operations, see current projects under Aktuelle Projekte.