University Certificate “Writing Tutoring and Writing Skills Training”

Do you like to write? Do you have experience in academic writing? Would you like to advance your education that you can share with others and gain additional qualifications? Do you want to develop your writing skills, social skills, team skills, consulting and interviewing techniques? Then you can become a writing advisor and writing tutor!

Employment opportunities

In the training for writing tutoring, you not only acquire skills that help you to write your own projects, but also ones that you can use in other contexts. For student counselors; there is the possibility to participate in our writing center. After the training, you can also work in reading-writing centers at schools, in writing workshops for children or adults, in educational institutions or you can use the additional qualification when applying for a job in company. This can also be of particular interest to prospective teachers in training, as you will learn how the skill can be taught and how to encourage writing.

Aim of the Training

The goal of the programme is to train participants to become writing advisors and writing tutors. The focus is on writing didactic skills and the writing center work in a university context. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their own focus according to their own interests and demands of their working environment.

In the program, the participants will:

  • Acquire the knowledge about writing in native , foreign and second language.
  • Learn the basics of writing didactics and research
  • Learn different writing techniques, writing strategies and will learn to use specific contexts
  • Learn to use consulting and interviewing techniques
  • Learn to conduct writing consultations
  • Learn to conduct and customize writing training Workshops and Training


Good writing skills, good communication skills, experience in academic writing, very good language skills in German: min. C1, good receptive language skills in English: min. A2.

Scope of the Modules

Each module consists of a working phase in an online platform, as well as a three-day training worshop (Friday to Sunday). Alternatively, the event can also be attended during the semester. Each module concludes with a final written project.