Scientific Writing

Scientific Writing (English)

Grammar and Style


As part of the internationalization process throughout the university, more courses are being taught in English, and more instructors are requiring that homework assignments, exams, and theses be written in English. This workshop prepares non-native English-speaking students in any discipline to write an academic text in English successfully. The course reviews the elements necessary to authoring an English text, including: how to compose a title, how to outline a text of any length; how to organize the different sections (and what content each section should include); the content and organization of each paragraph; and the length and order of individual sentences. Students have the opportunity during the workshop to practice what they have learned and to ask questions about the specific requirements of their discipline. At the end of the workshop, students learn about print and online resources for English writing that they can consult when the workshop is complete.


Students at any academic level (bachelor, master, or doctoral) who are writing or areplanning to write a homework assignment, exam, or thesis in English. Students whohave a draft of their text can bring it to the workshop.


Students will…

  • learn the key differences between German and English text composition andcommon mistakes that native German speakers make in English writing.
  • leave the workshop with the ability to outline an English text at each level ofcomposition: the title, the text as a whole along with individual sections,paragraphs, and sentences.he participating…


Lea Renz