Writing groups for students

Let's go and #writeTUgether

Are you distractred easily while writing? Do you find it hard to stay on track and sometimes even feel hemmed in? Do you wish for others around you who are also writing? Then become part of our writing group!

This is how our writing groups work and your benefits:

It is usually easier to master a writing project if you are a part of a community: If others around you are also writing, you are more motivated and – since you don't get distracted so quickly and you feel less alone – you usually work more efficiently.

  • Meet regularly with other students in our open writing group on Tuesday mornings.
  • You can just come to write and benefit from knowing that others around you are also focused on their work.
  • If you have questions, a writing tutor is available to give you tips and feedback – in German or English.
  • You can exchange ideas with other writers over coffee and cookies.
  • The next writing group is scheduled to begin at the end of January 2024. Specific dates will follow. You can join the group any time.
  • Participation is free of charge.

Please register below and find the dates there.

The group was great, especially because everyone was focused on their text, which is not always the case in the ULB.


Seeing that others are also writing helps me stay focused, even though my friends have gone swimming or out to dinner.


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