Writing as a key skill

In our information society, writing is one of the key skills. All of us have to develop diverse and complex writing skills in order to be able to participate in and reflect on the increasingly digitized and globalized world.

Writing in academic contexts

Academic writing in general poses very specific challenges: Our texts have to meet numerous requirements as regards formal and structure. These requirements differ across the scientific disciplines, and we are expected to be familiar with the respective technical language. In all disciplines, however, it is required to present arguments logically, be sure to give sources, and draw conclusions in a plausible way. We have to read and evaluate scientific literature, write clear and precise lab reports, and we also need to write internship reports, CVs and application letter. We have to write research proposals in a way that increases our chances of success.

Writing in international contexts

Every text type, every discipline and every (scientific) culture requires different skills and specific knowledge. And academic life is becoming increasingly international: Students, scientists and staff members from a variety of origins are studying, doing research and working together. It is not uncommon for them to have to communicate, read, and write in a language that is not their mother tongue.

Sustainable and individual support in writing

The team at SchreibCenter supports students and doctoral candidates as well as staff members as they are working on their writing projects. Working across all disciplines and focussing on sustainable and individual solutions, we can support you as you…

  • Work on your individual writing skills and professionalize them
  • Reflect on scientific writing and communication skills as well as scientific discourse
  • Take your own writing as the starting point for self-reflection