Writing Camps: Retreats for Doctoral Candidates

You need time and a calm atmosphere to think and write?

Our Writing Camps are designed for just that: In the Odenwald, far away from all the disturbances of everyday life, you will work on your project. You will get into a productive writing flow and develop helpful writing routines. We take care of food and exercise opportunities – you can focus solely on your texts.

Impressions of our Writing Camp:

At the Writing Camp, I was able to untie a big knot thanks to the professional writing advice. In the focused and trouble-free working atmosphere, I made good progress with my dissertation not only in terms of ideas, but also page by page. The discussions with doctoral candidates from all departments has also shaped my image of TU as a versatile university in both research and teaching.


What I enjoyed most is not having meetings on my schedule and being able to spend my time writing. The distance helps a lot in making progress because then I don't let things that typically happen in my usual environment keep me from writing.


At the Writing Camp, you can work on your writing intensively, concentrated and without distractions. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and the location of the hotel in the middle of nowhere, you can use breaks to recharge your batteries or to gather new ideas through stimulating conversations.


Pick and choose

Our two Writing Camps per year are organized in such a way that you can pick and choose from among the various offerings. Only the three main meals are fixed, thus structuring the days at camp. This allows you to spend your time at writing camp according to your needs.


Our Writing Camps take place twice a year in the lecture-free period in the Odenwald. We use various rooms and spaces for writing and for conversations. The accomodations are simple and cost-effective yet provide what is needed for a successful camp.

Writing + time + space

At the retreat, you will have time and peace for writing among like-minded people. You can write together in the group in the bright seminar room. If you prefer to work alone, you can retreat to the desk in your single room.

Exchanging ideas & seeking advice

Outside of your writing time, you can benefit from the exchange among each other and with two experienced writing tutors who organize and accompany the Writing Camp. You can take advantage of individual and confidential writing consultations in German and English – either in the coaching room in the house, in a corner in the garden, or during a walk & talk in the nature of Odenwald.

Moving body & mind

We offer several walks each day, because walking calmly in nature – in a group or on your own – gets your thoughts moving, ideas and new approaches emerge. Of course, the walks are just as useful for breaks from thinking and working, alone or in a group.

Financing and facilities

Please clarify in advance with your supervisor whether they will cover the costs of your participation in the Writing Camp. You need to provide a billing address when registering.
The seminar room has 1 table and 1 chair per person. We cannot provide any other desktop equipment (screens etc.).

Writing Camps 2024 and 2025

July 22 – 25, 2024, at Seminar-Gästehaus Odenwald in Hassenroth near Höchst i.Odw.

March 17 – 20, 2025, at Landhotel Kühler Grund in Grasellenbach

Sept. 1 – 4, 2025, at Landhotel Kühler Grund in Grasellenbach

Costs (all inclusive) per person: approx. € 520,-

Registration for TU doctoral candidates

External doctoral candidates, please send an email to !