Writing consultation & coaching for doctoral candidates

A doctoral thesis (dissertation) is quite different from other forms of scientific texts such as seminar papers or a thesis for a master’s degree. The processes of planning, researching and writing takes place over several years and is hence subject to differing internal and external conditions. The SchreibCenter is able to support you as a doctoral candidate in a variety of issues around the writing process.

While you are an expert in your discipline and for the content you are writing about, our certified writing tutors are experts for writing processes, writing skills, and writing techniques. We are happy to accompany your individual process of text production according to your personal needs. We aim to strengthen your resources and skills in a sustainable way and develop individual solutions.

Our writing tutors for doctoral candidates have either already obtained their PhD/Dr. or they are doctoral candidates themselves. Therefore, they have experienced many of the challenges a doctorate brings and can support you peer-to-peer.

The SchreibCenter offers different forms of consultation for doctoral candidates:

Individual writing consultations of approximately 60 minutes tackle a particular challenge you are currently facing. You may consult the SchreibCenter as often as you would like, whenever you face another obstacle.

Individual writing coaching encompasses several consecutive consultations over a period of time. In the first session, we will talk about your needs, possible challenges and questions. This enables us to develop a program together that fits your individual situation.

Writing coaching and writing consultation are free of charge for doctoral candidates associated with TU Darmstadt. Both formats are available in German and English, as well as for texts written in both German and English.

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